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Brand New-Cockroach Killer Gel 35g

Brand New-Cockroach Killer Gel 35g
  • Brand New-Cockroach Killer Gel 35g
a Year ago
Ad Information
This Ad were expired.

Brand New-Cockroach Killer Gel 35g

Baits are strategically applied to harborages such as cracks and crevices where the roaches are active. The roaches will consume the bait and return to their nesting place and "infest" the whole population through its droppings. Also, living roaches will infest on dead roaches hence creating a powerful domino effect!

1) Eliminates the risk of triggering asthma/bronchitis caused by some aerosol sprays
2) Application on a monthly basis, thus less hassle as compared to other pesticides which require daily/weekly application
3) Fast and proven results against german/oriental cockroaches

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